Grand Chase Trainer Hack And Cheats

Finally we got awesome trainer for Grand Chase. Check out it’s features. Have fun playing the game.

Features for Grand Chase Trainer:

  • Player Hacks
  • Health Points (HP) Hack – Freeze your max HP.
  • Mana Points (MP) Hack – Freeze your max MP.
  • Burning Mode – Activate Fury mode.
  • Mouse Fly – Moves your player to your cursor location.

Misc Grand Chase Trainer Hack And Cheats:

Fort. Fast – Speeds up enchanting process. To do this, simply press ESC to activate the hack.
GP Plaza – Goes in mini game > destroys 6 barrels, then die and see your GP, will be maximum (10 million).
Stop time- Stops timer at 5:09 min, not useful for detecting OneHit KO at the end of the mission, for example.
Heroic Mode – Access to Heroic mode without ticket!
Monster Hacks
Auto Kill – Kill all monsters on the map.
Monster Vac – Vac all monsters on the map to you.
One Hit KO – Kill any monsters with 1 attack.
VIP Hacks
Super Bot – Similar to the Super Stage, however, you will be able to automatically start the stage, kill boss and repeat.
Super Stage – Begins the Stage by jumping until you reach the boss monster. (All automatic)
Summon – Summon a boss monster to help you.
Super Armor – God mode (super armor effect of the monsters in Heroic mode).
MP – Pet – Freeze maximum MP of pet.
Item Vac – Vacs all items to your position.

Instructions (FAQ)

If you receive a message asking for “MSVCR100.dll” download this:

For 32bits HERE
For 64bits HERE
Download Hacksworks

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